The podcast covering the legal side of Web 3.

We cover everything from recent litigation and case law, to comments from regulators, to impending legislation impacting blockchain.

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What guests & listeners say

Jake Chervinsky Crypto Lawyer
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The Law of Code podcast has quickly become the best place for legal alpha in crypto. The guest list has been unreal: all the best lawyers doing all the top work in the industry.

Jake Chervinsky, Blockchain Association
Gabriel Shapiro, Crypto Lawyer
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@JacobRobinsonJD let me rant much longer than any other podcast host ever has and I could feel the cryptolaw alpha leaking from my pores.

Gabriel Shapiro, Delphi Digital
Erich Dylus, Crypto Lawyer
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Jacob’s podcast, Law of Code, is a great intersection of law & web3.

Erich Dylus, API3 DAO
J.W. Verrett
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Law of Code podcast has been a huge part of my journey into crypto regulation. Feel like I have earned an LLM just listening to 60 hrs or so of Law of Code podcasts.

J.W. Verrett, Messari
Ziga Kairos
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Found out about Law of Code podcast about a week ago and have just gone from one episode to another. Amazing discussions with lawyers working in crypto. Every episode is well worth a listen!

Ziga Kairos, Kairos Capital
Ben Bowden
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@JacobRobinsonJD has built hands down the best podcast on crypto law. He's had a stellar line up of the best crypto lawyers, asks great questions and lets them talk.

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About the show

The Law of Code podcast covers the legal framework built around crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. We touch on best practices for projects, new regulation & case law, and share ideas on the path forward.

Learn from the top lawyers, regulators, academics, and entrepreneurs in the Web 3 space. Guests include SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, prominent crypto lawyers, and builders such as Coinbase's Jesse Pollak.

  • Created for Web 3 builders + lawyers
  • New episodes every week
  • Interviews with world-class guests
Popular Episodes

About the host

Jacob Robinson, Crypto Lawyer

Jacob Robinson


Jacob is the host of the Law of Code podcast, Director of Operations at the DAO Research Collective, and a lawyer in the FinTech group at McCarthy Tétrault LLP.

Disclaimer: Jacob Robinson and his guests are not your lawyer. Nothing herein or mentioned on the Law of Code podcast should be construed as legal advice. The material published is intended for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Please seek the advice of counsel, and do not apply any of the generalized material to your individual facts or circumstances without speaking to an attorney.